Vernon Burgess is the Membership Secretary and is responsible for all membership applications and queries. Membership forms and other membership information can be obtained from the clubhouse or downloaded/viewed  via the link below. Membership is open to persons over the age of 18 years. You will need to be proposed and seconded by a current member of the club of two years standing or more.The current annual subscription is £70 for a single membership and £120 for a couple. There is a one off joining fee of £5 for new members. Guests are very welcome but will need to be signed in and a temporary membership fee of £1 per head paid at the bar. Newsletters are sent out on a regular basis by email if you have one or by post. They will also be published on the website. Children in the proper care of adults are admitted to the club.
The Club Constitution is available here. Constitution  – effective 26th November 2018

You can now pay your subscription fee via PayPal. Please click on the following link to view the options or download a membership form. CLICK HERE


President – Glo Restall

Hywel Jenkins

Membership Secretary
Vernon Burgess

Roy Davies

Assistant Secretary
David Evans

Membership Rep
David Miles

Membership Rep
Mark Hopkins

Vice President
Graham Restall

Membership Rep
Fred Love

Membership Rep
David Williams

Membership Rep
Ian Philips

Membership Rep
David Littlemore