Newsletter – March 2020

In light of the current situation, we are temporarily closed.

We hope that it will not be too long until we can welcome you back.

We are delighted to say we are continuing to expand on our 2020 social activities throughout this year – a number are already in the pipeline, and we will confirm these as soon as possible. You can, of course, always keep updated by visiting our website,uk , Facebook & Twitter and checking the “what’s on” page.
Other Standard Club Events
 Just a reminder to you all that we have other standard weekly events at the Club – these include:
Poker Nights
Every Wednesday night 8.00pm to 11.00pm. There is a £5 stake and all are very welcome.
Friday “Members” Night
For those of you who have not  experienced Friday Night at the Club, please come along. It’s classed as “members” night and every week there is a raffle, a multi-choice answer quiz (run by Graham) and a Snowball raffle for members. For the Snowball raffle, if you have bought a raffle ticket and are present if your number is drawn (between 2130 and 2230) you will win a minimum of £100. The prize money increases to a maximum of £500 if not won – and just recently saw one delighted member win £500. Why not give it a try?
Private Events
As will be appreciated, private events are held at the Club as this income is very necessary for our survival. Whilst members are always entitled to come into the Club House, free of charge, at all times, except when an entry fee is payable, we hope you will respect the privacy of these private events.
Linked to this, of course, if you are thinking of having a private celebration, why not hold this at the Club – it can hold up to 100 guests and, for some, an extension to midnight can be possible.
Whilst we do not, currently, offer a catering function, use of our kitchen for private and self catering is entirely possible.
Committee Meetings
As is customary, the Committee looks to update members, via this method and where possible, on Committee discussion/agreements / actions. You will all be aware that a new Committee is in place, following the AGM – full details are on the website. The refurbishment plan for the Club continues and we hope all visitors are impressed with our new toilet facilities and lobby refurbishment. Our next project will be to the roof, followed by internal refurbishments in the main hall of the Club house. Committee are, of course, very mindful that this work is being carried out from donations and loans made to the Club – all of which are repayable in four years time. Committee believe that, following the necessary adjustments made as regards Club expenditure, we are now on track to build up sufficient reserves to fulfil this commitment – but, of course, you are all vital to this and we urge you all to use the Club as often as possible – for music nights / quiz nights/members nights/poker nights – or just a good meeting place to chat with friends.
Bingo Nights
Bingo nights continue at the Club twice per month – eyes down 8.15 / 8.30. See WHAT’S ON PAGE  for 2020 dates.



Thanks. Glo Restall